Temperature Gauge (Dragon Breath monitor)

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The most accurate way to know how well your rocket is burning is to know the exhaust gas temperature. With too low a stack temp, you may be forming condensation or with it too high, you are wasting heat that could be stored in your mass.

Reading pipe temperature on the surface of the metal with an infared temp gun or a surface mount thermometer is not an accurate method of knowing how well your dragon is burning.

Easy read 3″ High quality Taylor dragon breath monitor with 6″ probe is inserted into the outgoing chimney. True gas temperatures can now be monitored to know how well you are capturing the energy from your rocket before it leaves the house.

Dial is scaled for 100-400 F or 40-200 C

$12 with Free shipping in the lower 48 states

email us at dragontech@blackfoot.net

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