NEW ! Four inch Bypass Gate

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No more chance of a smoke filled room when your RMH gets cold started!

Smoke filled room .

The Dragontech bypass gate will get your dragon flying quickly!

4″ heavy duty cast aluminum and steel bypass gate.

For Batchbox or J tube RMH’s

Used to bypass the bell / mass and divert a portion of the heat to preheat the chimney.

Allows for quick smoke free startups during cold starts or shoulder season use.

5″ and 6″ bypasses are available by special order

Why fight a cold mass and fill your home with smoke on an already chilly day.

With the Dragontech bypass gate installed, your RMH will start and roar quickly . Warming your home as only wood heat can.

Available now! $25 + shipping email us at

To see the installation of this bypass, check out this thread at Permies

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