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Ash cleanout from the feed tube of a J tube RMH has always been problematical.

Dragon Tech is now offering an ash scoop designed exclusively for the J tube RMH.

Available in solid 20 gauge copper as a beautiful addition to your stove.

Also available in an economy steel version to get the job done.

Remove the ash from your feed tube Before it affects your RMH performance!

Solid Copper J tube Ash Scoop

20 gauge Solid Copper J Tube ash Scoop.

With a Lifetime 3/4″ solid Copper handle.

Available in Smooth Copper Finish.

Smooth Finish Copper Ash Scoop

Or available with a Hand Dimpled Finish

Hand Dimpled Solid Copper Ash Scoop

Use this 20 gauge solid copper ash scoop to lift the ashes from your feed tube.

Hand Dimpled Solid Copper Ash Scoop

Smooth finish or Dimpled finish Solid Copper Ash Scoop.

$65 + ship

Smooth finish solid copper ash scoop

Also available in plain sheet steel as an economy option.

$25+ ship

Economy steel ash scoop

Cleaning of your riser base and burn tunnel is made easy with this beautiful black steel and copper ash scraper.

One side is rounded copper to protect your burn tunnel ceramic fiber floor or simply remove the copper protector if you have a full firebrick floor.

6″ J tube burn tunnel scraper

Solid copper handle to last a lifetime

Available for 6″ or 8″ J tubes

$25 each with free shipping to the lower 48 states

8″ J Tube burn tunnel scraper

Black steel and Copper 6″ flat bottom Batchbox scraper.

Solid copper lifetime handle

Use for flat bottom batchboxs.

Sized to fit between the wall and the riser stub to easily pull ash into the open and then wide enough to pull all the ash to the door for removal.

$20 with free shipping to the lower 48 states

6″ Flat bottom Batchbox Ash Scraper
6″ flat bottom Batchbox Ash Scraper

Angle design batchbox scraper for those with a Peter Berg style floor.

Black steel with lifetime solid copper handle.

Easily bring the ash up to the front for removal from your batchbox.

$20 with free shipping to the lower 48 states

angle floor batchbox scraper

A clean warm J tube will roar like a dragon!

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