Batchbox Doors

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I currently have a 6″ door under construction.

I hope to have it ready for sale by the end of the month.

The cost is $325 + shipping.

Contact me at to reserve

My lite doors are available.


Complete build plans and tool/material list for constructing batch box doors.

Build your own door or have a local shop build it for you and save on shipping!

Matt Walker Tiny cook stove with Dragontech door

Handmade batchbox door & frame.

All steel construction sized to easily fit published batchbox dimensions.

When building stoves with plans from Walker stoves.

Variation’s in materials on site make for nonstandard firebox openings.

These doors can also be built to the specific size opening of your Walker stove.

Northern Montana 8″ build
8″ Dragon Tech door

Standard published batchbox sizes

6″; 8 5/8″ x 12 15/16″

7″; 10 1/16 x 15 1/8″

8″; 11 1/2″ x 17 1/4″

Larger sizes available by request.

Or ask for a door blank by your riser diameter and supply me with your firebox opening size when you reach that point in your custom build.

The primary air intake has a spark proof inner channel.

Fresh air is supplied to the bottom of the firebox for a complete combustion.

No sparks can get back out on your floor.

4″ draft control to shut off primary air during coal out allowing secondary air to efficiently finish the burn .

3″ robax viewing window.

Burn free handle.

Uses separate secondary air floor channel (sold separately)

NOW all new doors come with Baked on high heat paint.

Door frame finished baking in the RMH powered baking oven

No more toxic new paint smell in your home.

Starting at $250 + Fedex shipping Contact us at with questions or special size requests.

Note; Doors are not premade at this time. Each door is being fabricated as ordered.

Current construction time is two-four weeks.

I hope to have doors prebuilt in the future for immediate shipment.

To learn more about BatchBoxes check out this thread at Permies!

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