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I have a used quick change secondary air tube for sale.

This tube is sized for a 6″ batchbox. Length is 19″ long.

Condition is dirty but as new.

As is with no riser pipe cost is $30 + ship.

With plain steel riser included cost is $40+ship

Do to a change in building plans I have bought back a 7″ Batch pop-in door

This door was never installed . It has a fire viewing window and comes with a primary air blockout, 10″x15 1/8″ Id. opening.

Price is $150 + ship

RA330 secondary air tubes are currently on backorder from Rolled Alloy


As of 3-6-2022 I am out of RA330 tubes

Ship date to me is now third week of July

At this time I expect a price of $85 + ship

All steel prices have sharply increased.

Unfortunately my steel made product prices will reflect that.

I am still working out of state, but with reduced hours .

Build times and response times will be shorter.

At this time I am not ready to take orders for my heavyweight doors.

Quick change secondary air tubes are available with steel stubs

Lite weight pop in doors are available with a shorter wait time for manufacture.

Fire clay , ash tools , temp gauges and bypasses are still available.