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The new “Silver grade” secondary air stub is in stock!

RA253 MA is a slightly lower max operating temp material than our ‘Gold Standard RA330

The price is $60 plus shipping

As of 11-1-22, I have RA330 stubs back in stock.

Price is $85 plus shipping.

I will be attempting to restock as these stubs sell.

I have 2 used pieces of 11 gauge RA330 sheet metal 14″ x 21″ for sale.

Both were used as experimental roofs for batch boxes

One piece is discolored but perfectly flat, and the other is wavy with grinder marks.

Price for both is $300 plus shipping

Enough to completely line up to a 5″ Batch box or partially line a larger size


All steel prices have sharply increased.

Unfortunately, my steel-made product prices will reflect that.

I am still working out of state, but with reduced hours.

Build times and response times will be shorter.

At this time I am not ready to take orders for my heavyweight doors.

Quick change secondary air tubes are available with steel stubs

Lite weight pop in doors are available with a shorter wait time for manufacture.

Fire clay , ash tools , temp gauges and bypasses are still available.