Morgan Superwool Plus High Temperature Non ceramic fiber blanket

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Morgan superwool plus is a completely safe alternative to highly hazardous ceramic blanket. Low bio-persistence makes this safe to handle.

Five Minute Riser

#8 density 1″ thick x 24″ wide

Sold by the lineal foot. It can be pre cut to size for a 6 minute riser

$10 a lineal foot + ship Contact us at

About Morgan Superwool

  • Superwool Plus blanket, which is soft, flexible & withstands 2100F. Superwool is an alternative to ceramic fiber with improved health and safety attributes. Superwool products do NOT carry a GHS health hazard warning label. Alkaline Earth Silicate (AES) Wool.
  • Low bio persistence, Thermal stability, Low heat storage, Good resistance to tearing, Flexible and resilient, Immune to thermal shock, Excellent thermal insulating performance, Based on patented technology
  • Bottom line, this is equal or superior to other ceramic blanket / rockwool in insulating properties. The big difference is how Safe superwool is in comparison.
  • No respirator or long sleeve clothing needed.
  • This product does not require a MSDS safety sheet.
  • It has been discovered, that after heating beyond 1400F a hazardous surface forms on the superwool. It is highly recomended to use a respirator or face mask when handling a used 5 minute riser. All other superwool used as an insulator remains completely safe to handle.

Five minute riser

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