RA330 Extreme Heat Sheet Metal

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With the increasing availability and superior insulating ability’s of Bio-safe ceramic blankets and ceramic boards, many RMH builders are switching to using ceramics in their builds.

This has led to the problem of wood damage causing premature failure of the ceramic cores.

Loading wood in your Batchbox, no matter how careful you may be, you will bang into your ceramic board walls, and roof.

RA330 extreme high heat sheet metal can be the permanent answer to this problem. Built to work at temperatures of 2100F it will protect your ceramic boards from damage.

Matt Walker has been successfully using 18 gauge RA330 sheet steel in the firebox of his tiny cook stove .After several seasons it is still protecting his ceramic boards. He has experienced some warping and suggested that a thicker sheet might be a better choice.

Dragon Tech is working with Rolled Alloys to make RA330 products available in small quantity’s to buyers around the world!

To Protect your new Batchbox walls and roof from abrasion for years to come.

We will be offering 16 gauge RA330 in custom cut sizes. Straight sheets to fit each wall or roof, or a full sheet to fit both walls and the roof.

Sheet metal bending is available.

This is a special order item. We will not be stocking this due to the high cost. Let me know your size requirements and I will get you the best price available.

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