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I’ve been building and using Rocket Mass Heaters since 2013.

Matt Walkers tiny cookstove with Dragontech door

Finding products for any RMH build can be challenging.

Finding parts for a batchbox RMH has been even harder as most require metal fabrication.

At Dragon Tech we can now supply you with secondary air floor channels in Two designs!

Introducing the new Quick Change secondary air tube with an easily and quickly replaceable “cobra” style air stub or a 6″ Walker style stub

Changing out your degrading stub in just a few moments is now a reality!

New Cobra style Quick Change Secondary air tube
Walker style Quick Change Secondary air supply

And a high performance extreme long life RA330 walker style.

6″ stubs RA330 Ultra high heat resistant

I am also offering a single 6″ piece of RA330 as a weld yourself stub replacement.

Or as a drop in stub for a Walker style Quick Change Secondary air tube

We are now offering RA330 as a sheet metal liner for your ceramic board batchbox core!

Hand made batchbox doors in 6, 7 or 8 inch with spark resistant primary air intake and a 3″ fire viewing window.

8″ build in northern Montana with Dragon Tech door

Morgan Superwool plus nonceramic blanket . Cut to size for a 5 minute riser or sold by the foot for sealing gaps.

Five Minute Riser

Steel Peter channels for J tube RMH

Peter channel for J tube RMH

Exhaust gas temperature gauges (dragon breath monitor) to see how well your rocket is burning. With free shipping.

DBM Exhaust Gas Temperature Monitor
Solid Copper Ash Scoop

J Tube / Batchbox Ash cleanout tools.

4″ bypass gate for that hard starting rocket

4″ Bypss Gate

Dragon Tech has located a wholesale source for clear ceramic glass. From small sizes up to 32″x32″ .

Round and arched cuts are available as well. Let us get you a quote on the high temperature ceramic glass you need!

For interested buyers in all countries.

To get an idea of what delivered costs to you might be.

Feel free to contact me at no obligation, for a general estimate on shipping to your address.

Contact us directly with questions at dragontech@blackfoot.net

If you are looking for premade, shippable Walker design ceramic board cores then contact Luke at the rocketstovecores homepage link below

Home Page

Also visit Matt at Walker Stoves


To learn more about Rocket Mass Heaters

Visit the RMH forum at permies


To learn specific details about Batchboxes.

Visit Peter Bergs batchrocket website


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