NEW Lite-weight Doors Coming Soon!

Currently in final development .

Dragon Tech has noticed a need for light weight – low cost door ‘s !

A ceramic insulated light weight, steel door for use on Walker riserless cores or any brick oven!

Windows of different sizes will be an option.

Spring wrapped handles to safely open and close

Simple flipper design to hold it in place while in use.

Door mounted temperature gauges can be added

Prototype in production now!

We have also just produced our first lite weight door to fit any Walker riserless core!

Photo is of the refined prototype’s.

Refined version Walker core door

This door will be available soon in a basic model similar to prototype.

Also will be available with a 3″ round window.

A package deal including a quick change secondary air tube will be offered.

An upgrade package including an RA330 stub will also be offered

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