Extended life Batchbox Riser Stubs RA330 & RA253 MA

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Currently in stock RA330 $90 + shipping

Currently in stock RA253 MA $60 + shipping

Upgrade to an extended long-life secondary air tube riser

RA330 special alloy can withstand up to 2100 F

Considered to be the “gold” choice of lifetime risers

6″ stubs of RA330

RA253 MA has a working limit of 1900F

Considered to be a “silver ” choice of long-life risers

RA253 MA

Contact us at dragontech@blackfoot.net

RA330 in Quick Change secondary air tube

I am offering three types of secondary air risers

Made from carbon steel, High heat RA330, or RA253 MA

The RA is offered with a complete floor channel or as just a 6″ stub

Walker style Quick Change base

Why would you want a very expensive RA330 stub versus a standard carbon stub?

If your batch box is burned all day every day of the heating season then you may want to upgrade to RA330.

If your batch box is burned once or twice a day during the heating season then a standard carbon stub is an economical choice.

one year old 6″ batchbox stub burned 2x a day

A floor channel stub of carbon steel is expected to last several seasons in a lightly used Batch. In a heavy use situation the cobra hood will degrade in a few months. The entire stub (but not the tube) will need replaced every season, if not twice a season. For those folks with welding / metal working ability, it is an hours work to cut off the old stub and weld on a new one. For those without that ability removal of the air channel is required, as well as hiring a welder to fabricate a new cobra stub.

RA330 is a special alloy designed to survive in a constant ultra high temperature of 2100 F indefinitely. A floor channel with an RA330 stub is expected to survive many years or possibly a lifetime . Matt Walker has run a RA330 stub on his high use cook stove for 2.5 years with no sign of spalling at all! In comparison both of my batchboxes are burned all day, everyday . Using a carbon steel cobra stub, they have no hood left after only 2 months of heavy duty use. I expect to replace them no later than early spring.

7″ Batchbox – 3 months of burning hot, all day everyday

Is the RA330 for you? If you run your stove long and hot and you do not wish to work on it mid winter or every spring… then the RA330 is the superior product and is the most cost effective.

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